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7romantic secrets, #2 daylight, fandom24

title: daylight
author: callisto24
fandom: 24
characters: Assad, Jack
category: drama
theme: Assad’s point of view, spoilers for season6, episodes 1-4, implied slash
prompt: #2 ( romantic secrets )
rating: R
word count: 709
disclaimer: nothing belongs to me, no money made..

Little bit AU, because I couldn ‘ t remember events or dialogues exactly. Just my thoughts, I apologize deeple if somebody feels affronted by the piece. Please tell me when or why.
Written for the 7secrets challenge in Live Journal
Placed in between the first 4 episodes of 24, Season6.
* * * * *

The pale morning light shone through the dirty glass of the broken window, threw its light over the pale back of the man, who was eager to change his bloody shirt.
He seemed to feel the startled gaze, wandering down his slim and damaged body, noticing the amount of scars, old and new, some the signs of life-threatening wounds, some only the proof for arbitrary abuse, traces of torture, of a life, filled with pain and cruelties, a life so similar to his own.
He had seen it in his eyes, in the icy blue, terribly hollow stare, felt it when he had heard the husky voice barking at him, used to command, to take the lead.
Assad had known at once, that they were coming from the same place, sharing the same fate, standing on different sides only per accident.
But they weren ‘ t on opposite sides anymore. Unpredictable wheels of fortune had united them, connected them in an unexpected mission, bound them together for an unknown aim.

The smaller man winced barely noticeable. Obviously until this moment he had been unaware of the sight he had offered. Hiding his embarassement with a cool glance he vanished through the open door into the next room searching for new clothes. “Will be back soon,” he muttered, escaping the scrutinizing obsidian-shining eyes.
Assad stared at the crumpled piece of bright fabric the blond had left on the floor carelessly, all too conscious of the dark blood glistening in the cruel light of the day.
He tried to imagine what this man, this federal agent might have in his mind, what his real intentions might be. Nevertheless he felt drawn to him, sensed the undeniable longing to trust the man completely, to connect in a way he usually only connected with his fellow fighters, who relied on him, just as he relied on them, with nothing less than with his life.
Assad knew better, than to trust blindly, he knew, what these special kind of men were capable of, how easy it would be for one of them to lie and to betray.
He swallowed dryly with the realization, that he was called a traitor by his former friends as well, and that he was perfectly able to understand her point of view, understand why they were condemning him for his recent actions. But they couldn ‘ t tell him who was right and who followed the wrong aims, believed in the wrong cause, fought for a useless issue.
Nobody in this life would ever be able to tell. Only Allah knew and he would keep his silence, would keep it a secret until they finally would meet him in the other world. Maybe then he would explain, maybe he would reveal the reasons for his absence, for allowing his creatures to turn this earth into hell.
But until then men like Jack Bauer would suffer for a dubious purpose, would be beaten and tortured, would sacrifice themselves and others, trying desperately to believe, that they were doing the right thing.

The agent returned and Assad couldn ‘ t avoid the need to stare again at the now covered upper body, which still remained exposed to him, for he had seen the story it was telling, it was screaming at him. And suddenly he wished, that he could touch the wounds, that he could show this man the countless horrors burnt into his own skin, the scars proving the prize he had paid for his deeds, for his aims, for his faith.
And it wasn ‘ t over yet. More pain, more sorrow waited for both of them and it occured to him in perfect clearness, that despite all differences he wanted to end their fight together, to stand up for the same reasons, to join in this present world, creating the slight possibility that at last they would be judged together in the other one.

And the brightness of the new day flooded around these two men, giving them a short moment of unexpected, comforted warmth to heal from the death and the terrors they had faced, to provide them with the strength, they would need in order to endure whatever their now connected future would impose on them.

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